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9am-4pm Monday-Friday

In these challenging times we have made the decision to temporarily change our phone line and live chat availability.

Our phone lines and live chat service will be open from 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday

Unlike our competitors who have closed their phone lines and live chat services during the pandemic, many have not been accepting these methods of communication with valued customers for over 16 weeks. Although it is with deep regret our customers may experience longer waiting/queue times than our award winning service levels before COVID, we wish to transparently inform our customers that as a company we have invested heavily to keep our phone and chat lines open to provide the best range of contact options available and whilst it may take longer, please be assured we are handling all enquiries as fast and effectively as possible.

Our team require a dedicated amount of time each day to perform much required duties for our customers to maintain as normal levels of service as possible at these difficult times, during what we all hope is our final national lockdown.

Our very valued and loyal team since 23rd March 2020 have increased working hours by up to an additional 60% more per week to maintain service levels, whilst also our company has invested heavily almost tripling staff levels in the last 3 months and continuing to recruit to stay ahead of the competition.

The health of our staff of which none have been furloughed is very important. As part of our "Health and Well-being" policy during this pandemic, our Directors have made a decision on the 21st January 2021 to bring in line a more balanced work and home life, which we entrust all our valued customers appreciate the value of safeguarding health and family at this time. By closing our phone lines and live chat slightly earlier than normal trading times, this will enable our team uninterrupted time from 4.00pm onwards until the end of the working day, to be able to 'action' many important/vital things in order to update our customers and effectively resolve issues, provide vital updates on deliveries, make callbacks to provide required information etc. and do so effectively, diligently and efficiently as they focus strictly on the tasks at hand.

By reducing our phone and live chat operational hours, our team can for you, our customer:

    We receive a large number of enquiries by email daily, and are dedicating more time to accurately and promptly respond to your emails
    Our team will be available to make the callbacks needed to answer your queries and keep you informed
    We receive a large number of enquiries by contact form daily, and are dedicating more time to accurately and promptly respond to your contact forms
    Due to some couriers in some areas suffering some slight delays with deliveries we can keep you updated on any issues as we are informed
    The bathroom industry is busier than ever as people turn to renovating their houses during this pandemic. We value your business and wish to provide quotes promptly and with the best pricing possible as we always have.
    We have the most detailed product pages in the industry, however there still may be a question where the answer is not readily available on our website and we want to respond to your enquiries as quickly and accurately as possible

By reducing our phone and live chat operational hours, our team will benefit from:

    Our team have worked incredibly long hours to maintain service levels since March 2020 - a healthy work and home life balance is very important
    Family time during these times is very important and very much needed
    During these difficult times it is vital we look after our mental health. Wellness is essential to work and family life
    With many of our team members having families and schools being closed in most cases, time for home schooling is needed!

We thank you for your forbearance during these challenging times. We are continuing to grow and we realise we are very fortunate to be in an industry that is in high demand during these times while people turn their attention to renovating and updating their homes.

As we progress out of this lockdown we will return to our normal operating hours.

We wish you and your loved ones stay safe and well.

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